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Vw touareg 5.0 v10 tdi fuel consumption

vw touareg 5.0 v10 tdi fuel consumption

Every trip is a special occasion even if most of them end-up next to a trucker pumping diesel.
The parking brake pedal sports a re-enforcing piston.
In other words, "stick a monster engine in a Sub-Zero and it'll go like Hell and handle like a refrigerator." Before 2006 when VW redesigned their off-roader with some 2500 parts you would have been right.
Measurement: RaceChrono with 10HZ GPS sensor 0-100 km/h: Driver and 80 of tank capacity 100-200 km/h: Driver, 2 passengers and 80 of tank capacity.
So, how does the uber-oil burner measure up?The diesel-fed mega-mill is capable of an pulsar stunt mania underground pc game impressive-for-a-diesel 310 horsepower.Select Sport mode and the Touareg hunkers down and amps-up the road feel (to the point where there is some).The Touareg sports.0-liter, 90-degree diesel V10 with an 18:1 compression ratio fed by twin turbochargers.At least until next time.When it came time to craft the Touareg's interior, VW's accountants were bound, gagged and stuffed in a broom closet.He was directly responsible for Porsche's 917; a race car so dominant they canceled the entire race series.That said, I was bombing down curvy roads at 80 to 90 mph in absolute control.And yet, aesthetics, badge, environmental responsibility and price aside, it's the finest all around car I've ever driven.

The trade off for such irresponsible fuel consumption: power: endless bucketfuls of forward momentum.
I can read your mind: here we are again in Muscle Car Land.
Roads that challenge my Subaru WRX at similar speeds.Switching between modes in a car with adjustable suspension is normally an unclothed emperor endeavor.True, the steering, brakes, air suspension (and engine) are all over-boosted.I have no clue how the lesser new Touaregs handle, but the big diesel is shockingly competent.When Farago drove the pre-'06 Touareg TDI, he called it The Mother of All Nose-Heavy Pigs.Marketing cat meow sound wav mishegos aside, "Piech's folly" is a superb car: relatively quick, preposterously quiet and completely comfortable.The oil-burning Touareg stumps-up a mind-numbing 553.-lbs.Oh, I almost forgot.