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Sin of a solar empire patch 1.191

sin of a solar empire patch 1.191

Heavy Strike Craft armor bonus increased from 1/2/3 to 2/3.5/5.
(Entrenchment Only) Deals 150 damage per second to shields only.
Creative three musketeers book pdf team: Powered by phpdug yard decorations, glencoe distributive property challenge.Steal Antimatter range increased from 3,000 to 6,000.Offering which was once may continue to emit allowed by the laws.SoaSE Patch History, edit. SoaSE: Rebellion Patch History Edit. of a Solar Empire is a real-time space strategy and the first chapter in an epic science fiction saga.Updated the Phase Jump Pact so that two Vasari players can now share one anothers phase node networks.Gauss Railgun damage increased from 300/550/800 to 325/650/975.Scramble Bombers antimatter cost reduced from 80/65/50 to 50/40/30.(Entrenchment Only) Kodiak Heavy Cruiser: Weapon range increased from 2,750 to 3,150.Corrected the Catastrophe Recovery research time to match its tier.Fixed corrupt save game bug.

Stilakus Subverter: Distortion Field range increased from 6,000 to 8,000.
Disruptive Strikes may now be triggered by its pulse beam weapons.
Anima Tempest reworked - now spawns 60 strikecraft (increased from 30) and all its strikecraft gain a 25 increased chance to dodge for 75 seconds.
(Entrenchment Only) Misc Optimized various situations that could occur late game and slow the game down unnecessarily.Dunov Battlecruiser: Magnetize now interrupts abilities that are being channeled.(Entrenchment Only) Serevun Overseer: Turn rate increased from.65.25.(Entrenchment Only) Jam Weapons cooldown changed from 15/15/15 to 40/35/30 seconds.This will only work for Original Sins of a Solar Empire patched.191.