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Savegame manager gx ita

savegame manager gx ita

También puedes iniciar aplicaciones vía TCP (con una PC configurada correctamente) o mediante un explorador dedicado.
Added a GetSubName function Added the Subname in SaveManagePrompt R41 Added a SaveGamePrompt to display information about the save (still to add the icon) Added the wiiblock size to the save game struct Added the getfoldersize function to get the savesize on device Languages files.
SaveGame Manager GX permet également de télécharger des sauvegardes de jeux sur le site.
Custom Background Music support (AIF/MP3/OGG/BNS/WAV online AutoUpdate, homebrew Browser, channel Browser, wiiLoad.dol receiver.
Savegame Manager from, waninkoko.A speed factor is added to the gui option (thx dimok) * Added Numpad text theme and is applied with keyboard theme entries * Added flush of homebrew memory before launching app_booter r117 : * Added n extraction (official nintendo format) from nand to storage.Música de fondo personalizable (AIF/MP3/OGG/BNS/WAV) Actualización automática en línea Explorador de aplicaciones Homebrew Explorador de Canales Receptor.dol para WiiLoad Soporte para Pantalla Ancha Salvapantallas Si necesitas más información o ayuda, por favor, visita la página web oficial de SaveGame the walking dead episode 3 long road ahead tpb Manager GX (t).Zip with the.dol Required WiiTDB download link: " m/wiitdb.Due to a few changes from Google on the GoogleCode site the autoupdater doesn't work anymore.Click on Reset BgMusic button to reload default music.Zip?langnone " (if your Wii is not connected) Forwarder: USB.0 support added if cIOS202 is installed R80 Fix compiling under Linux (case-sensitivity in path names) R79 Added Mii in ManageAll window (you can now extract install your Miis in one go) Added a choice.Accessories wiimote accessories nunchuk, classic controller, gamecube pad online players 0 online features online download.

R65 Added AllManageWindow (click on old switch button to access this function) Little changes in UpdateSettingPrompt (check for update if you activate the autoUpdate option) Fixed gui_banner compile warnings Some other little fixes and sources clean Some clean in translate strings R64 Added Reboot function.
Xml R91 Fixed the corrupted saves problem if game is loaded with cIOS222 R90 Added a fonction to get saves blocksize on devices Fixed the "can't acces nand path" error in manage all saves process Fixed reboot code dump after a custom font selection Fixed.
(thanks arl for this png).
Title (ES) SaveGame Manager GX synopsis (ES) SaveGame Manager GX es una aplicación homebrew para Nintendo Wii.
Removed libisfs from sources, added some libraries sources to branches.Changed PromptWindow and ProgressWindow in class.Xml, g and wiitdb.L'application est intégralement configurable, de même que des thêmes son applicables (téléchargement direct sur m) et les languages peuvent êtres sélectionnés.Support multilanguages, support police personnalisée Support des themes (téléchargement direct m) Téléchargement de sauvegardes (téléchargement direct m) Support GameTDB Fenêtre Sauvegarde/n (Nom, sous titre, ID, Taille, Icone) Fenêtre Miis (Nom, Créateur, Date, Genre, Couleur Fav) Extraire, Installer, Supprimmer, Copier.