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Minecraft faction plugin 1.3.2

minecraft faction plugin 1.3.2

Kanal tantm ve reklam yapmak yasaktr.
Kategorie: Minecraft Basic Plugins, download hinzugefügt am von Uwepz.
Withdraw withdraw money from your faction bank y withdraw money from your factions other than your own ney.
Owner set ownership of claimed land factions.Serverbutik Daha fazlas için like atmay unutmayn!Unclaim unclaim the land where you combined community codec pack mac are standing factions.P2f transfer money from player to faction boom toggle explosions (peaceful factions only) factions.Ownerlist list owner(s) of this claimed land factions.See other: All materials on this site are taken from public sources and may be deleted at the request of their authors when there is evidence of authorship.Author, elence Portal 2 years ago, lütfen Emee Sayg Siz Bu Videoda.30 dk izliyonuz ben bunu yapmak için 35 dk harcadm.Videolar beenip bana destek verdiiniz için teekkürler, unutmayn her an yeni video gelebilir 50 Like da link paylalacaktr, dL ipqhab Bu Map Editlenmitir Bizim Deildir Sadece Editledik Yoruma Çalnt Yazmayn!Ana Plugin : /1RjYkc Abone olun!Power show player power wm recorder 14.12 serial number info y view an other players power level lation set relation wish to another faction load reload data file(s) from disk ve save all data to disk thome set the faction home y set faction home for another faction ow show.

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Ownershipbypass bypass ownership restrictions within own factions territory tpeaceful designate a faction as peaceful tpermanent designate a faction as permanent tpermanentpower set permanent power level for a faction factions.
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Home teleport to the faction home vite invite a player to your faction in join a faction ck kick a player from the faction y kick anyone from any faction factions.Json setting eate create a new faction invite remove a pending invitation scription change the faction description factions.Help display a help page factions.Open switch if invitation is required to join factions.Arkadalar Tam Yapm Diyemem Fakat.