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Human planet episode 1

human planet episode 1

Becoming Human Hour 2, pBS Airdate: November 10, 2009, narrator: Humans: without a doubt, the smartest animal on Earth.
Donald johanson (Institute of Human Origins Our brain happens to be the hungriest organ in the body.
Millions of years ago, we were apes, living ape lives in Africa.
Meave leakey: You can answer questions like did the boy grow up like a modern human?
Susan antín: You could imagine a group of Homo erectus moving their range a kilometer a year in one direction.Homo erectus had come up with an innovative way of feeding his hungry brain.Discover new knowledge: hhmi.You can learn more at m/help2.After a plea from his wife, Sig contemplates an early exit.Sign In, shark-Croc ShowdownW Shark Week's Paul de Gelder teams up with.And he believes the modern ethnographic record can show us how it was done.The jaw seemed to be a primitive form of Homo erectus, but at first hardly anyone believed.What's amazing about that is you could imagine an early Homo erectus sitting right here, making decisions.Susan larson: So, perhaps we're sampling a period which is at the very beginning of the Homo lineage.But then something changed.

Narrator: At four and kalash ek vishwaas full episodes a half feet tall, they were smaller than Turkana wicked games anna naklab Boy, with more ape-like shoulders and a simple stone technology.
Narrator: It may not look like much, but the stone hand ax marks the birth of technology.
Mark Meekan to travel to the sharkiest places in the world, Cobourg Penninsula in Northern Australia.
Daniel dreamweaver cs3 for windows 7 lieberman: The one high quality resource that's probably most important for the evolution of the genus Homo is meat and meat byproducts, such as brain and marrow and fat.Richard wrangham (Harvard University Homo erectus had a slightly smaller brain, slightly bigger jaw, but it's basically.What set us on the path to humanity?Our own species has only been around for 200,000.He and his crew have less than a week to completely overhaul the shop and give the owner a restart of becoming a successful business.Mark stoneking: It's just a very simple idea that the rate of change.N.A.Trace the threads of our origins through the ancestors who went before.It's based on the fact that the sequence of chemical bases which make.N.A.Viktor deak: Turkana Boy and erectus, that's something that if you were to see from a hundred feet away, you would think, "Well there's a large naked man there, or woman,.Daniel lieberman: Quadrupeds can gallop for about ten to fifteen minutes and then they overheat.