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Gu family book ep 13 idws

gu family book ep 13 idws

So thats how Yeo-wool and Gon ended up on Tame the Gumiho Squad, complete with useless bean-counting exercises for an exasperated Kang-chi.
Soo-ryun trains Chung-jo to play the drums, and Wol-sun and the other girls have a fit about being passed over for the new girl.
She saw me that way and wasnt disgusted or afraid, and just kept calling me Choi Kang-chi, reminding.
The thing Lee Soon-shin told Master Dam earlier gets repeated in voiceover: How can a heart thats begun flowing be stopped?
Hes a terrible liar, but its funny to watch him try and deny that theres a secret to tell.As she sleeps, he says aloud, Honestly I am curious, about who my parents were, why they threw me away in a river.Teacher Gong sits and smiles, narrating what mustve been the point of the bean-counting lesson: that though it seems like theyre thousands at first, in the end you discover theyre one.Is that for interrupting your meditation, or is that just your basic hello?Im glad that Wol-ryung can control his beastie side enough to appear like his old self if he wants to, even though I guess, yunno, from a whole evil perspective this is a bad thing for the good guys.

But Tae-seo says the moment Father died, their fates diverged, and they cant turn back time.
Lee Soon-shin muses that a heart thats already flowing cant be stopped.
Can Dam Yeo Wool, a master martial artist and archer, help him in his quest?
Its Wol-ryung, looking like his old self.He makes Gon promise not to tell her.If thats because of her life choices, then fine.The room goes silent, and Master Dam finally speaks: Become one of Jo Gwan-woongs men.And I asked herflashback to Yeo-wool taking his hand in front of her fatherhow is it that youre so good to me?He keeps going, until finally Yeo-wool calls out, Kang-chi-ya!Im loving Chung-jos transformation as well, because shes so much more interesting now that she has that duality new grand theft auto 2012 game to play.He grabs the man with one hand and then sucks the life force out of him, and absorbs it, leaving nothing but a desiccated body behind.And deep in the woods, a lone traveler hears a rustling behind him.