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Garmin approach g3 touchscreen gps reviews

garmin approach g3 touchscreen gps reviews

As a high handicapper I likely needed a golf GPS like I need a second wife, but since my wife had just gone out and bought a lot of target designer collaborations 2014 list clothes which I didnt think she needed, I decided to act like a spoiled brat and buy.
Fees for Access to Course Database: As with the wifi drivers for windows 7 ultimate hp other products in the Approach line, the Garmin G6 has no fees for access to Garmins course database.
When used correctly the golfer can prevent shots short or long of the selected target, and could help in lowering scores.For the G3 and G6 you should be getting 15 hours out of a charge but there are too many reported problems with machines dying during the round.I have saved on average 3-4 strokes per hole since I bought this item ( I told you I had a high handicap).It seems that the device is using the same logic (whatever that is!) to decide whether to show trees that it uses to decide whether to display target distances.How good are you?For your money youll get easy to use, digital scorecards with distances to the fairways or touch targeting (you move a marker and itll show you the distance to where you expect to hit the ball and then from there to the green the hazards.After all, they are not mandatory equipment, and you can certainly play the game just fine without one.In addition, the software had a few bugs, crashing when we tried to access data on our previous rounds.The interface on the touchscreen is intuitive, and the ways to access different functions are clearly labeled.The Green button toggles between the two views.Garmin Golf GPS Review Overview.If youre looking to invest in a unit for the long-tern you certainly cant go wrong with the.

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The color touchscreen is reasonably bright so long as the backlighting is kept at a relatively high setting.
During sunny days you dont need it turn it off and conserve your battery life.
Many times when we wanted distances to specific mapped target points (such as the yardage to clear a hazard, or to a point we had mapped in an earlier round) the G6 wouldnt display them until we had advanced to a point where the distance.
Helps to speed up play, finish faster.
After all, you probably know the yardages at your home course like the back of your hand.Hole-by-hole preview lets you plan your strategy ahead of time or scout out new courses to try.Once youve selected a target point, the number displayed in the top right will be updated to the total distance from your current location to the selected point plus the distance from that point to the flagstick.As mentioned before, youll still want to sync the device on occasion to ensure you have the latest course maps.You can avoid this by locking the screen, but the hassle of hitting the required 2-button sequence each time you want to lock or unlock it wasnt worth the trouble.Click here to find deals and savings on the Garmin Golf Range.For more details, check out the Critical Golf comparison of golf GPS device features.The Bad: When using the touchscreen to target a desired point, your finger may block the view of the cross-hair and distance to the target.93 / A- cost/value Retail Price: The Garmin Approach G6 has a retail price of 249.99, coming it at the low end of price points for devices featuring full hole views, and down from its 299.99 price at time of initial release.