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Dune 2000 map editor

dune 2000 map editor

Site created January 15, 1998.
Auto-smooth rock/dunes edge feature: The editor can automatically turn the bordering tiles of rock or dunes area you paint into rock-sand or dunes-sand transition tiles just with one click.
I think this comment violates the Community Guidelines.Maybe because the IA already reach the maximun_strengh or something.With this, we are planning on make the Ia more efficient.Event and condition notes.Support for map.ini file features (supported by FunkyFr3shs Dune 2000 Patch and Mission launcher) custom text strings and briefing without editing text.Mission Editing Features: Editing mission properties (tech levels, starting money, AI events and conditions.Ok, my tank is done.

Besides how to define an area: defendArea min/max.
That valor set to 16 makes the harverster needing a carryall when they are more than 3 squares (more or less, depending if they consider the center of the building audials radiotracker 12 serial key or not).
Domination: Domination is also a good editor but doesn't support as many tilesets as Shai-Hulud, some like the interface more though.
VQA to AVI: VQA to AVI is a ripper/player for the movie files(.vqa) found in Westwood games including Dune 2000.
I think this question violates the Community Guidelines.In the freepercentage tried with valors like 1, 99, 5000 but I virtual access point serial keygen don't see anything special.Select mode: You can select any area on a map and put it to another place.Works only with Missions.And just then, he will start with another tank (so, using this method, the IA will build more slowly than the original 1:1 proportion, when after he end the first tank, he just start building a second tank).Imagine I set the building rate to 1 (so fast as he can).