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Detective conan episode 208 sub indo

detective conan episode 208 sub indo

Tatsue confesses to all the murders including Kai's death and her plans to murder Akira.
Yamato's rival, Takaaki Morofushi whose name can be read in Chinese as Koumei, arrives and reveals he was the first to find the body as he was delivering flowers to the late Aoi who died from a heart attack in the storage room of the.
The three actors are then convicted for their crime.
The prizes given are 10 million yen and a Japanese painting of a boar worth 30 million.
Kobayakawa assumes it means the stream of carp she has at her house and takes them to Tsuwano ; on the way, they meet up with Kobayakawa's boyfriend, Shigeru Kawaguchi, and her servant Tsuneo Kikkawa.Kogoro, coincidentally, was also hired to investigate a murder at the mansion that occurred a year ago.He notices Gin's car in the distance and accepts his death so Rena may continue to spy from within the Black Organization.Later that evening, Conan finds out Kogoro used a tape recording to fake a Mahjong game in order to indirectly help Eri solve the case.

480 "Yellow Alibi" "Kiiroi Fuzai Shmei" July 23, 2007 75 A hostess named Hiroko Inoue is found dead in her home by Osamu Kitzuka, a colleague of Inoue's to be husband Akira Taokaoka.
As evidence, internet cleanup for mac lion Conan reveals that despite the key being mixed in a pile of other keys, Katsuragi was able to find out which key opened the door in his first try.
It is revealed "S W" means South to West, so when the symbols are turned 90 degrees, reveals Ox hide in kanji.
Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and while impersonating him, reveals Kanda to be the murderer.
Conan reveals that Touji Kawase is the murderer by revealing how Touji knew that the man was beaten to death with a rifle and not shot.Back in the present time, Conan realizes what the riddle actually means.The pair finds another riddle hidden on a fire hydrant which contains the message "Clear the allegations against Toriya and demolish the liver of Goroukou" in kanji.As evidence against Taokaoka, there was coral sand found on Inoue's shoes and in the trunk of his car; a beach in Fukushima has coral sand.Later that evening, Shiijou's guests realize she has been in her room for far too long.Midorikawa confesses and explains that he blamed Akashi was Aoi's death since she got a heart attack from frantically searching for a portrait of herself.27 28 Funimation Entertainment (USA, Region 1 DVD) Case Closed DVD volumes Episodes Template:Ref Release date Ref.Title Original Airdate 220 "The Client Full of Lies (Part 1 "Itsuwari Darake no Irainin (Zenpen January 15, "The Client Full of Lies (Part 2 "Itsuwari Darake no Irainin (Khen January 22, "And There Were No Mermaids (The Murder "Soshite Ningyou wa Inakunatta (Jikenhen January.