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Dark matter episode 3

dark matter episode 3

The crew wonders if one of them is responsible for this horrid act, though Two says that there's no use musing over lost memories and suggests they jettison the body at the next available opportunity.
At current rate of travel we should be arriving at the space station in approximately twenty-six hours and seven seconds.
Raza and has some unfinished business with someone on board.
Sadly, his subordinates were not quite as accommodating once theyd been attacked.The emperor looking over both young potential recruits as well as the most ruthless mercenaries available for hire certainly shows us how serious he is about regaining the blink drive, but we already knew the military value of the device.Company Credits, production Co: Prodigy Pictures, see more show detailed company contact information on, iMDbPro ».They all get back on board right in time for the ship to return to FTL without taking a radiation bath.I hope you're all enjoying a hearty breakfast.It takes time to get to know new characters, but the sting of Nyx leaving make it a little bit harder to openly accept these newcomers, in my opinion.In the middle of Three's test, The Android senses that an unusually high concentration of gamma radiation has bombarded the hull of the ship - within three hours it will expose everybody on board.Sure, the arrival of the General, the one who forced Kal Six Varrik to unwittingly kill thousands of innocent people, might motivate Six to act, and act he certainly did.Technical Specs Sound Mix: Dolby Digital Color: Color Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD See full technical specs » Edit Did You Know?One, again complicating plans with his charming but inconvenient morality, is against this idea, though Two warns that it would be a mistake to show up at a space station with a dead body on board.One holds Two's feet while she does some extremely enviable crunches.She starts crawling through the vents again.

The Android suggests that this might have happened by accident, as the memory-wiping code was crude and perhaps rushed.
Presumably, the crew will temporarily be fleshed out by Adrian Maro, the wannabe handler, and his bodyguard, Zolara Shockley, an intriguing ex-special ops soldier, but theyre no replacement for Six.
That character is Six.
Much more interesting was the Androids discovery while troubleshooting the blink drive no less of an encrypted batch of code in the ships database.The Android discerns that he was shot in the kidney and bled to death, though she's unable to identify him.I thought there was still some caring in him, for the rest of our crew, but perhaps not, because this was very clearly an execution order.This was Threes wife Sarah, who is present on board in digital form.While morosely hanging out in the room where she found dekart private disk 2.09 the corpse, Five comes upon a canister with a computer chip and a gun inside.And he kisses her.