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Best hunter build hearthstone

best hunter build hearthstone

Editors Note: Be sure to check out the New Players section, other Beginner Decks, and our most popular section Monthly Top Meta Decks.
Good cards to keep : 1 mana :, and situationally 2 mana :, 3 mana :, How to Play This is a Mid Range deck plants vs zombies last stand endless mode game so its overall goal is to maintain board control throughout the game.
Despite attempts to nerf Hunter, the class has continued to have a dominant run in the meta.
Hunter's hero power is Steady Shot which will deal 2 damage to the enemy hero.
2x A really strong draw spell that allows you to cycle through your deck.As you can target your opponent directly, it can also help to find lethal in the late game.This card has not to be underestimated as it has a great sticking power and your opponent will generally prefer ignoring it to avoid the summoning effect, therefore allowing you to keep a Beast on the board.Editors Note: You can find this deck guide updated over at our partner site.Mulligan Guide In general, you want to mulligan for a set of cards that will allow you to play on curve and gain board control as soon as possible.Hunter decks are well suited for an aggro-style due to its aggressive hero power.Format: Wild, style: Adventure Mode 7,800 4 days ago -21 Chakkis The Lich King Boss Hunter YShaarj Lock and Load Hunter Format: Wild - Style: Adventure Mode - Player: Chakki 8,520 4 days ago 0 Frozen Throne (KFT) Midrange Hunter Deck List Guide (August 2017).An amazing 1 drop for the deck as it will also give you another Beast to play with (even if its not the best, you just want to have Beasts) and playing it on turn 1 wont be a waste of resources unlike.This card can be replaced with if youre not really satisfied with the 2/3 body and summon effect.Can apply some serious pressure or remove a stronger minion, is best when you have some minions on the board and creates amazing tempo as a 4/4 taunt for 3 mana is really hard to answer.1 Mana :, Common : Rare : 2 Mana :, Common :, Trap engine :, 3 Mana : Common :, Trap engine : 4 Mana :, 5 Mana :, Common : Rare :, Legendary :, 6 Mana or higher : Rare : Epic : Legendary.

Some comboes-tips, if you have plenty of 1-drops to start, don't play.
I think that this class is really great for a Beginner Deck as the.
2x A multi-removal spell that can help you recovering if you are behind on board.This is the best midrange list so far i hope you like it, if you did press the thumbs.This is more complicated and has to do about what matchup do you face.You must save it for a turn when youre going to play some cheap Beasts to draw as many cards as you can.Into (T3) (T4) : Your opponent generally wont be able to answer the 2/7 body immediatly so youll have an easy time keeping your favorite target alive for.Get rid of any threat, make sure to benefit from this cheap combo to apply some new pressure at the same time.Check out our dedicated post with the.Those cards allow you to maintain control of the board and support your Beasts while applying some serious pressure on the opponents life.Top Rated - Month, top Rated - Year, top Rated - All-Time.Finally, and are situational cards that will help the Deck getting some more versatility.